The 10th SGP

The 10th SGP was held in Rasnov, Romania September 5-9. 60 jumpers from 10 nations participated. The Rasnov hills were fantastic, ideal for veterans. The event was very successful with only one injury. Sergey Leninskiy fell and dislocated his hip.. We hope he has a quick recovery.

Results bellow

K35 45-54Y K35 30-44Y M K 35 65-74Y K35 30-44Y L K 35 55-64Y Echipe Nordic Combined K90 65-74Y K90 50-54Y K90 60-64Y K90 55-59Y K90 45-49Y K90 35-39Y K90 40-44Y K64 60-64Y K90 30-34Y K64 65-74Y K64 45-49Y K64 50-54Y K64 55-59Y K64 30-39 L Y K64 35-39Y K64 40-44Y K64 30-34 Y

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