The 28th IMC

The 28th IMC winter competition took place in Villach,Austria March 4-11. 120 jumpers from 13 nations participated.This was the 4th time Villach hosted the competition. The first time was in2005, then Villach hosted the SGP in 2010 and 2014. Fog put a little damper on the training Monday and Tuesday but during the competition the weather was fine. The hills where in very good shape and we had no injuries. Wednesday was the first day of competition on the HS 65 with 63 jumpers. Thursday HS 32 with 54 jumpers on this hill we had 3 females competing. After the jumping the cross country race took place. Friday HS 98 with 48 jumpers. The competition was completed on Saturday with the team events. Finland won both team events.
Here is a list of all nations and the number of jumpers.
NOR 32, FIN 19, AUT 19, RUS 13, GER 11, SLO 7, ITA 5, USA 3, SWE 3, HUN 3, SVK 1, SUI 1, CAN 1.

For results, please click here!

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